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Ken and Karl here from the ET Squad...  we started the journey with ET as college grads with little real world experience, but over the last 10 years, we’ve learned the nuances and tricks that allowed us to successfully build the ETA brand, literally from the backyard.
 Our latest course, The Blueprint To Going Viral, will place you on the fast track to media production, but more importantly, will teach you the thought process of developing content that looks phenomenal and
attracts supporters from around the world.
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"The Blueprint To Going Viral" video course will teach you all the "ins and outs" you'll need to know about viral video marketing, including...
Green Screen
Editing & Exporting
Effective Use of Social Media
Editing & Exporting
Green Screen
About Ken & Karl
We've attracted over 50 million videos views on YouTube!!! Yes, I said YouTube, not including other social media outlets. Titles include “The Secret to Success,” “Greatness Is Upon You,” “You Owe You,” “ I Can I Will I Must,” “What’s Your Why,” and most recently “Nothing Funny.” 

Both of us believe in the philosophy that each area of a person’s life should reflect “greatness.” As we're both happily married, Ken and Latoya for just over 5 years now and Karl and Tamesha approaching the 10 year mark with two beautiful children Jordan (3 yrs) & Jesse (1yr).
In 2007, Karl decided the inspiration he experienced while listening to Eric in classrooms across the state of Michigan, needed to be exposed! With this newfound purpose, he completed a second Master’s degree in Video Production at Michigan State University. His skills were enhanced through an internship with MSU’s Emmy Award winning Communication Brand Strategy Team, where he produced content for the Big Ten Network.

Ken completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Video Production at Michigan State University. Upon graduation Ken served as the Director of Media Operations at the College of Business at MSU for 8 years, working with brands including Target, General Motors, and Union Pacific.
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A thriving international community of entrepreneurs and aspiring video professionals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and personal development. Take the knowledge of this entire community into your board-room, production house, on set or home studio, and help your brand or product go viral...
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Get an exclusive look behind the scenes at live events and studio sets as Eric and the Team continue to inspire the masses…
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Stay up to date with current technology, learn more effective ways to do more with less, and get your questions answered to those nagging editing issues.
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No man is an island. Over the last 10 years we’ve networked, networked and  networked some more. Learning communities provide the best options for rapid growth.
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What people are saying
Chris Johnson
CEO - On Target Living
"I had a 1 hr. consultation with the guys and immediately knew the steps needed to take
my company to the next level!!!"
NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers
"After each session with ET, the guys were fired up and  ready to run through walls, but what happened after that was even more impactful… We received weekly videos on game-day and that gave us the personal touch push we needed…"
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