Stop Settling For An "OK" Marriage
and Create A Phenomenal One!

At This Conference We Will Address...
  • Sign or Not To Sign - The Difference Between Contract vs. Covenant Relationship.
  • Your Mom’s In Our Business - 5 Reasons Why You Must Get Along With Your In-Laws.
  • Come And Talk To Me - How To Develop The Tools Necessary For Effective Communication.
  • How Stella Got Her Groove Back - How To Restore The Flames of Sexual Intimacy.
  • Everyday I’m Hustlin’ - 4 Ways To Maintain A Work-Life Balance Your Spouse Will Enjoy!
I Do - Now What Do I Do?
Let’s face it, in those moments before, during, and after we say “I Do,” no one hands us a rule book or set of guidelines  for the successful navigation of married life! So, much like parenting, we look to those who’ve “been in the game” and whose marriages, at least on the outside, look like what we hope ours will on the inside! When you don't have a map, you’re always going to get lost! We candidly share all of our ups, downs, and strategies for sustained marital bliss and we hope you’ll chart your course and take your next happily married steps with us!

Single People, STAND UP!  This course is for you too!  If you’re dating, engaged or thinking seriously about becoming engaged, you need to grab a seat as well! Trust us, your relationships will be so much sweeter if you know where the potholes are and how to avoid them! Why settle for an average relationship when a phenomenal one is totally possible?  We didn't and neither should you!
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